Survey: Canadians Would Give up Coffee, Video Games and TV Before Smartphone

WIND mobile goes live in Kingston

According to a new survey, Canadians are more addicted to our smartphones than we think. WIND Mobile conducted the national survey on November 21-22 (from 1501 Angus Reid Forum panel members) and here is what they discovered from cellphone owners aged 18-34, on what they would give up before their smartphones:

  • 37% of say they would give up video games before walking away from their devices.
  • 36% percent say they would be willing to quit drinking coffee rather than lose their phones.
  • 28% would give up television.
  • 27% give up going to restaurants.
  • 39% say they would sooner cut off watching sports
  • 20% of men would give up their pets (HORRIBLE)
  • 13% of women would give up their pets (HORRIBLE)

Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer, WIND Mobile:

“We know Canadians love their smartphones, but no one wants to shackle their loved one with an expensive, multi-year contract…

…With WIND Mobile, they don’t need to give up the things they love. We offer simple, real unlimited wireless plans with no-term contracts on some of the hottest phones available. They are functional right out of the box, making it possible to give someone the gift of no-strings-attached mobile convenience this holiday season.”

The survey varied by region and people in BC ranked the highest for willing to part with coffee and video games compared to other provinces. Albertans are most likely to give up alcohol before their smartphones.

Also, Canadians in the age group of 35-54 are far less likely to give up something to keep their devices–in other words, younger folks are much more addicted to their smartphones (playing Angry Birds Star Wars right?) and being connected online.

What would you give up before your sweet, sweet iPhone? Your first born child? The deed to the house?