Apple Now Lists The New 27″ iMac As Shipping In January

Last month, Apple issued a press release regarding the availability of the new 21″ iMac, confirming that it will go on sale on November 30th. The same press release mentioned that 27″ iMac will begin shipping in December. However, Apple’s online store now lists the new 27″ iMac as shipping in January, as noted by 9to5Mac.

New imac 2012

When the 21″ iMac went on sale, it showed availability in 1-3 business days, while the 27? model showed 2-3 weeks for availability, for an arrival date in December. Apparently, Apple has once again over promised the product’s availability, further pushing the shipping estimates by at least one month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously warned prior to the launch of the new lineup that the company expected significant delays leading into the holidays. While the 21.5-inch iMacs are still listed at “7-10 days” on at least Apple’s United States and Canada online stores, the 27-inch model is now listed as shipping in “January”. Apple previously displayed “3-4 weeks”.

The new 27″ iMac starts at $1799. If you’re eligible for Education Store pricing (i.e. for students or educators), you can save $100 on its starting price.