Apple Fixes Apple Maps Issue in Australia that Resulted in Lost Travellers

Apple maps Mildura 009

(Travellers were directed to the red dot; the correct location is the purple dot)

Yesterday, Australian police alerted travellers to avoid relying on Apple Maps in iOS 6 after it led some people astray and stranded. Now, it appears Apple has fixed the error according to the Guardian:

The iPhone maker updated the given location on Monday following widespread coverage of the problem. A search for Mildura now points to the middle of the town in the state of Victoria. At the time of writing it also showed an incorrect location near the edge of the park called Mildura – but that does not show up in searches.

Murray-Sunset National Park is the second largest park in Australia and the erroneous location set by Apple Maps left travellers stranded and in a dangerous situation. With summer temperatures reaching up to 46 degrees Celsius, lost individuals were forced to walk through dangerous terrain to get cellphone signals to call for help. With no food or water nearby, it was a potential life threatening situation and some were left stranded for 24 hours.

Senior sergeant Stephen Phelan said there were “at least four documented cases” prior to Apple updating the maps error. Glad to see Apple responding so quickly–let’s hope we see major upgrades soon to Maps.