Original Apple Mouse Designer Shares Stories About Steve Jobs [VIDEO]


60 Minutes has a video interview showcasing IDEO design firm founder, David Kelley. The latter shares some details about working with Apple as a client, and in particular with late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Kelley’s design firm, Hovey-Kelley (as it was known before being renamed to IDEO in 1991) was commissioned by Apple to design products such as the Apple III, Lisa and the first Apple Mouse. As for the latter, Kelley notes Jobs would call him randomly at 3AM to talk about the mouse and its design, such as wanting the ball of the mouse coated in rubber because it sounded better on a table.

When Kelley was diagnosed with throat cancer, Jobs gave him advice to go straight to Western medicine and not mess around with alternatives. Kelley said he believes Jobs felt he had made a mistake in trying other methods to cure his own pancreatic cancer.

One other interesting story is how Jobs presented Kelley with an iPhone the day after it launched back in 2007. Jobs tried unsuccessfully to activate the phone with AT&T for Kelley and resorted to saying “I’m Steve Jobs”, but to no avail.

You can check out the full 60 Minutes interview below (it won’t show up in your RSS reader, click through to the site to view it):

[via The Verge]