Firecore Updates aTV Flash to 2.1, Optimistic About ATV3 Jailbreak

appletv_smallsize For every avid Apple TV user — especially jailbroken device users — a fresh version of aTV Flash (black) is always welcome. The guys from Firecore have updated their aTV Flash (black) to 2.1 and included several much-requested features alongside other improvements and bug fixes.

Just to mention a couple of aTV Flash (black) 2.1 features: TV Show Playlist, which allows the user to pick up the show where they left off, and super customizable favorites. This feature enables the fastest path to what you want. We picked up these two, but there are more.

There is only one drawback: aTV Flash (black) 2.1 is still not available for ATV 3, although the device’s potential is enormous. As James of Firecore points out, it has all the tech specs a developer dreams of: 1080p-capable, with a faster processor and more RAM.

The interest in getting aTV Flash has been growing since March when the ATV 3 hit the stores, but a jailbreak remains an obstacle that needs to be overcome. And what the developers have right now is just their optimism as they wait for those few who are capable of successfully cracking Apple’s magical set-top box.

As of right now, no one is really even working on an Apple TV 3 exploit. The people that find these kind of exploits are highly skilled individuals, probably with a particular mixed background of Apple application development, IT security and hardware design. It is extremely rare to come across someone with the background, yet alone skills, needed to even commence work on any potential Apple TV jailbreak. People like pod2g, planetbeing, and posixninja are most likely preoccupied with their actual lives, or finding exploits for more popular devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, any of which on iOS 6 can’t even currently be jailbroken, aside from the developer “failbreaks”, with several devices including the new iPad Mini and iPad 4 yet to have ever been jailbroken, again except for with “failbreaks.” Said “failbreaks”, while they “work” on other devices to get an initial, but essentially useless, jailbreak don’t apply to the AppleTV’s either.

Just because the Apple TV 3 isn’t the primary target for jailbreakers, doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t ever come. It just means that it will take a lot longer, meaning that chances are when the eventual Apple TV 3 Jailbreak does come, it’ll be by fluke, although a lot of exploits are found by accident or “fuzzing”, something found on another Apple device which proves to also be cross exploitable on the Apple TV 3 as well. Once an exploit is found and released, it will probably be Kevin Bradley, the engineer behind nitoTV and considered by many to be the patriarch of the Apple TV jailbreaking community, who will be the one to write a jailbreak application for the Apple TV 3 with said exploit, he won’t be the one to find the exploit or vulnerability, he does more of the front end work, and integration with AppleTV backend/UI after those capable do the most important and difficult work, the JailbreakAppleTV informs.

For those unaware, aTV Flash (black) is a software package that overwhelms the user with a plethora of new functionality and, most importantly, the installation is hastle free, and you don’t need to make any physical changes to the Apple TV.

With that said, the potential of Apple TV 3 running third-party apps just gets immense, but the jailbreak will arrive only after Apple releases the final version of iOS 6.1, according to planetbeing.