iOS 6.1 Passcode Lock Flaw Lets Anyone Bypass iPhone’s Lockscreen [Video]

A new security flaw has been discovered in iOS 6.1 that allows anyone – who knows the trick – to bypass the passcode lock on your iPhone in a couple seconds and access your contacts, voicemails and photos.

The method is pretty simple – although I have no idea how the Spanish guys have figured this out in the first place – and it involves initiating and then immediately canceling an emergency call and holding down the power button a couple times during the bypassing process.

So here is what you need to do if you want to experiment with how the security flaw gives access to anyone who grabs your iPhone. (We were able to verify the glitch using an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.)

  • With the Passcode Lock active, tap emergency call.
  • Press the Power button, acting like you’d like to turn off your iPhone.
  • Cancel the prompt.
  • Initiate an emergency call and then cancel it immediately so the call doesn’t go through
  • Put your device back to standby.
  • Now comes the harder part: slide to unlock the iPhone, hold down the Power button on the top and after three to four seconds hit Emergency call again and you’ll see your iPhone contacts.
  • Press the Home button like you are doing a screenshot after you get access to your device and release the power button.

That’s it.

Here is video tutorial posted by The Verge

YouTube video

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