Nova Scotia Implements New Cellphone Laws for Contracts Starting Today

Nova Scotia has implemented changes to the province’s Consumer Protection Act today to protect cellphone users in the province. New contracts signed starting today will become part of this new legislation.

When Nova Scotians sign new contracts, carries must now provide an information sheet titled “Be a Responsible Digital Citizen” to ensure everything is clear and fair.

The changes also mean contracts signed as of today can be cancelled with a penalty fee of no more than $50, but customers will still be responsible for the cost of their handsets. Also, carriers are now also unable to change the fine print within contracts or fees unless the customer agrees.

The province announced proposed these changes last year and the new laws have finally been implemented, which have been applauded by groups such as Students Nova Scotia. If you’re about to sign a contract in Nova Scotia, let us know how the new experience is for you.

[via CBC]