SaskTel Reminds Customers 10 Digit Dialing Kicks in May 11

SaskTel has posted a reminder to its customers mandatory 10 digit dialing will take place this weekend on May 11th. This means users will have to dial the area code then the 7 digital local number to complete a local call in Saskatchewan. Failure to do so will result in a network message asking users to hang up and try again; calls will no longer be automatically completed.

“We are pleased with the over 95% participation rate among SaskTel customers,” said Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO. “However, we must highlight the need for customers to ensure that all numbers stored in communication systems and devices — particularly in alarm systems, Internet connections, building intercoms, and call forwarding devices — have been programmed for 10-digit dialing.”

Special 3-digit numbers such as 911, 611 and 411 will not be affected.

The proliferation of wireless devices has caused an increase in demand for phone numbers, thus requiring 10 digit dialing so the province can prepare to implement the new 639 area code later this month.

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Last week we profiled the iOS app 306it, which allows customers to quickly add area codes to all of their iPhone contacts.