TELUS Reveals Mobilicity First Reached Out For a Deal in December 2012

Earlier today Canadian wireless headlines were dominated with the announcement TELUS had agreed to purchase wireless upstart Mobilicity, in a deal worth $380 million.


TELUS Vice President of Corporate Communications Nick Culo has written about this agreed acquisition on the company blog to state Mobilicity first approached the company back in December 2012. A former report in April cited both companies entered exclusive talks in February, but it appears negotiations started much earlier than that.

One of the reasons Mobilicity opted for TELUS? They believed TELUS would suit the needs of their customers better:

In December of last year, Mobilicity first approached us about a deal. One of the reasons they felt TELUS would be a great fit is they genuinely appreciate our customer focus and the improvements we’ve made over the past few years. We have the best client loyalty in the business and it continues to get better.

Mobilicity approached TELUS as the best option for their company and customers. They have considered all of their options – and when I say all, I mean all.

TELUS also noted their customer service can be better. Even though Koodo recently took a top spot from a J.D. Power wireless customer satisfaction survey, the company notes TELUS still ranked higher than its rivals Rogers and Bell, which will benefit Mobilicity’s existing customers as they seamlessly transition to their new network.