Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Ad Thrashes the iPad Using Siri [VIDEO]

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Microsoft has launched a new ad titled “Less talking, more doing” targeting Apple’s iPad–using Siri’s own voice to verbalize what the iPad ‘can’t do’ when next to it its Windows 8 competitor. Check it out below:

YouTube video

The 32 second ad highlights how the iPad does not have real-time widgets, multitasking support within apps and lacks Powerpoint. The kicker at the end throws in price points where a 64GB iPad costs $699 compared to $449 for a 64GB Asus VivoTab Smart tablet.

It’s interesting how Microsoft is touting other tablets from its hardware partners instead of its Surface tablets, which have had lacklustre sales–less than 2 million. The Surface Pro starts at $899 with half the battery life of the Surface RT and was also formerly criticized for having the OS take up too much free space, as advertised 64GB models only had 23GB of usable storage according to the company.

What do you think? Maybe Microsoft should stick to showing off the Surface as a skateboard?

[via The Verge]