TELUS ‘Refreshed’ iPhone 4S Units Back in Stock for $349 Outright

TELUS has replenished its stock of ‘refreshed’ (refurbished) iPhone 4S units, available for $0 on a two year term (not bad) or $349 outright. The last time we saw these phones in stock were last November. At that time some of these phones still had AppleCare warranties attached to their serial numbers, adding some extra value to the phones.

These ‘refreshed’ units come with a 14-day money back guarantee, 6 month warranty and free shipping.

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For $349 outright, TELUS will unlock the iPhone 4S for $35 once it’s been on an account for 90 days (you could also try eBay). So if you are looking for an unlocked iPhone 4S, albeit refurbished, you can score one for $384 plus tax after it’s all said and done.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.