Specialized ITC Panel To Review Split Ruling In Apple, Samsung Patent Battle

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A recent split decision made by one of International Trade Commission (ITC) judges in the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung, will be reviewed by an ITC panel that specializes in patent cases, Retuters is reporting. The panel would reconsider the judge’s decision that Samsung had infringed Apple’s text-selection feature patent in its smartphones and tablets.

“The ITC is a popular venue for patent battles because it can ban imported goods from the United States if they are found to infringe patents.

Apple had filed a complaint in mid-2011, accusing Samsung of infringing its patents in making its Galaxy, Transform and Nexus mobile devices, among others.”

The source notes that the ITC panel will also take a second look at the judge’s decision made two months ago, that the South Korean tech giant did not infringe a second patent which detects if a microphone or other device is plugged into its microphone jack.

Final decision will be announced on August 1, 2013.