Rogers Report: Average Binge TV Marathon Lasts 7 Hours on Weekends

Rogers has released their latest ‘Innovation Report’ which tackles Canadian video viewing habits. A study of 1,000 respondents was conducted by Head Research back in April and concluded TV viewing marathons lasted 5.6 hours on week days and 7 hours on weekends, basically proving we all turn useless when there’s a good show to watch.

The report notes the watching of back-to-back TV episodes/movies declines as we age and also says 4 out of 10 respondents are on-demand marathon viewers, which means watching at least 3 or more episodes of a show back-to-back on weekends and weekdays.

Check out the infographic below summarizing the report:

Rogers Infographic TV Trends English June 10  1

We’ve all been there, especially when jumping on addicting shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. I’m pretty sure binge TV watching is bad for our overall diet and health, plus it also results in neglecting children, spouses and innocent pets.

What kind of TV viewer are you? This survey will brand you for life (I’m a “TV marathoner”)–share your results with us in the comments below.