Alleged iPhone 5S Display Seems to Fit Logic Board Leak [PIC]

A new set of images shared by iHeart Repair with MacRumors apparently confirms that images of the iPhone 5S logic board posted today by the Japanese Apple repair parts supplier Moumantai are genuine.


The low-resolution images don’t reveal much at first glance, certainly nothing of the technology behind the handset’s display. But at this point the flex cable connectors found on them match the pair of connectors on flex cables at the top of the leaked iPhone 5S logic board.

iPhone 5S-pcb-3


As you can see from the above image, on the iPhone 5 logic board the connectors that support the display and the digitizer are horizontal, while on the leaked iPhone 5S logic board one connector is oriented vertically and the other one horizontally.

The iPhone 5S is rumoured to feature internal design changes and to match the iPhone 5 in terms of exterior design. However, as the next generation iPhone will have its own selling point just like the iPhone 5S and the other handsets, this leaked logic board reveals that there will be some changed components. It remains to be seen what details Apple will change this year.