Clarivue iPhone 5 Ultra-Clear Screen Protectors [Review]

A while back we were contacted by Clarivue, a company based in Richmond, BC to check out some samples of their screen protectors for the iPhone 5. We agreed and below is what we received:

IMG 6844

As you can see, the company has a line up of various finishes for their iPhone 5 screen protectors (custom cuts and other smartphone protectors are available as well). We had a quick moment to test out the Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare models on our iPhone 5. Other finishes include Privacy (people can’t see your screen at an angle; helpful when you’re on the bus or subway) and Mirror (it’s a mirror when your screen is off; great for the ladies).

Below is what’s inside the Ultra-Clear model:


As you can see, there’s not much inside the packaging other than two screen protectors and a cleansing tissue to wipe down your screen with prior to the install. As for applying the protector, it uses static to adhere to your screen so there’s no sprays to deal with or residue if you choose to remove it.

I found the installing to be incredibly easy. Just lay down the protector (after peeling off the top layer) and it basically sticks onto the screen itself (it reminds me of old Nintendo DS screen protectors from Japan), whisking away air bubbles. Once on the screen, peel off the top layer and you’re done.

The Ultra-Clear protector was very clear and made the Retina display really shine. It’s also very thin so it feels like a naked iPhone 5 screen. The cuts of these protectors are fairly accurate and the proper size. After a few days, any remaining tiny air bubbles disappeared.




As for some downsides of the Ultra-Clear? I found it to attract fingerprints easily but a quick wipe and they are usually gone. These are probably some of my favourite screen protectors for the iPhone right now.

As for the Anti-Glare finish (which is currently on my iPhone 5), the clarity is not as good as the Ultra-Clear as I could tell there was a protector on my screen affecting the display. But, what I do like about the Anti-Glare is the finish is very smooth which makes swiping and pinching effortless. It also does not show fingerprints at all.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about what these protectors have to offer, especially coming from a local Canadian company. The iPhone 5 Ultra-Clear protectors (pack of two) are $14.99 USD and come with free regular shipping and a lifetime warranty. Use the promo code iphoneincanada during checkout to save 25% off (expires September 30th) everything here (except for TV screen protectors).

Clarivue has been around since 2005 and their protectors are also available at Rogers stores nationwide–click here to check them out. Let us know what you think of these screen protectors!

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