Kickstarter Project Aims to Increase the Magnetic Connection of MagSafe 2 Power Cables [u]

Apple introduced the MagSafe 2 power adapter with the Retina MacBook Pro last year. However, a quick look at reviews submitted to Apple’s Online Store for the 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter reveals (two-star rating based on 172 reviews) that users aren’t satisfied at all with the power of the magnets. Most users complain about the new “T” style charger and miss the old “L” style charger.


Apple decided to switch to a “T” charger, as it designed the connector to pull away from the portable even in the event of a slight pressure to avoid cable strain.

A new Kickstarter project, Snuglet, aims to be the solution to securely connect the user’s MacBooks with a MagSafe 2 connector by introducing a small ring that increases the connector’s magnetic connection.

The Snuglet is a precision manufactured ring that lives inside your MagSafe 2 connector. It never needs to be removed and will not accidently fall out. It increases the magnetic connection and never interferes with insertion or removal of the power cable. It’s always there to keep you connected.

The Snuglet helps your power connector stay connected when you want it to, but releases when it should. The design still allows you to easily insert and remove the power cable, but simply makes it work better. It really feels perfect. Once you try it, I think you will agree!

Snuglet is a precision manufactured ring that needs to be placed onto the user’s MagSafe 2 connector, without the need to remove it. With Snuglet on board, the power connector won’t disconnect at the slightest pressure–it releases when it should. It is easy to use and easy to remove with the removal tool sold with the accessory.

There was a limited number of backers who could reserve a Snuglet for $12 or $15, but now backers can only reserve their own for $19, and count another $20 to get it shipped in Canada when it will be available in September.

If you are interested in having a Snuglet, check out its KickStarter page. What do you think about Snuglet? Is this something you would like to have?

Update: Great news for Canadian backers! Snuglet now ships for FREE to Canada. Here is the email Ed Gogel sent us on July 26.

I have some great news about our Snuglet Kickstarter project that I’d like to share with your readers. We just announced greatly reduced shipping charges and now offer FREE shipping to USA/Canada and $10 shipping for all other international destinations. Those that backed our project earlier will receive refunds for the difference in shipping charges.


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