iPhone 5S Production To Begin Later This Month, Release In October [Report]

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Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek has said in a report today that Apple’s next iteration of iPhone a.k.a the iPhone 5S, will go into production at the end of this month and that it will be released in late September or early October (via BusinessInsider). The analyst added that production of Apple’s low cost iPhone, which he believes will sell for $300-$400 without subsidy, is already underway.

“He believes Apple is going to put in orders for 50-55 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, with 5 million iPhone 4Ss, 20 million low-cost iPhones, and 25 million iPhone 5Ss.”

Misek notes in his report that the Apple’s low cost iPhone will be more of a ‘mid-tier phone’, due to which it will “not be competitive in emerging markets”. He further said that Apple has been shifting its orders to cut back on iPhone 5S production while increasing low-cost iPhone product for the end of the year.

Apple will no doubt be feeling the pressure to get its next phone out on the market as soon as possible.