iOS Leads 50% of All Mobile Ad Revenue [Report]

Apple’s iOS is the clear market leader in terms of mobile monetization and regained the lead in mobile impression volume, according to the latest data coming from Opera’s State of Mobile Advertising report (via The Next Web). The data was compiled using Opera’s impressive 13,000 sites, with well over 60 billion impressions per month.

According to the Opera report, iOS captured 44% of all ad impressions and almost 50% of all revenue during the second quarter of 2013. Android is more than 10% behind iOS in terms of traffic and fells short in terms of revenue, retaining only 28.08% of all mobile as revenue.


If we break it down to smartphones and tablets, we find that mobile phones running both iOS and Android are in a virtual tie for share of ad impressions, as they are just above 30%. The iPhone regained the lead again with 30.88%, compared to Android’s 30.58%, compared to late last year, when Android recorded a slight lead by retaining 31% of traffic, compared to iOS’ 29%.

But when it comes to monetization, the numbers show that the iPhone generates more revenue than an Android smartphone: 36.4% vs. 27.8%.

When looking at the market tablet, Android somehow remains in the shadow, for it can hardly be detected. Opera’s data shows that Android tablets have retained 0.66% of all traffic, and secured 0.32% of all revenue for developers. By contrast, the iPad retained about 8.04% traffic and 10.21% of all revenue according to the quarterly report.

Opera says it is on track to facilitate more than $600 million in revenue to mobile publishers and app developers, a significant increase when compared to last year’s $400 million.