WIND Mobile Promo: Bring Your iPhone 5s/5c, Get Up to $500 in Credit

Looks like WIND Mobile is set to launch a promo to sway iPhone users with AWS-compatible models to join their network–and gain up to $500 in service credits (via MobileSyrup):

“On Friday September 20th, 2013, Apple is set to release two new highly anticipated smartphones – the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. To welcome these new products to the market, WIND is offering up to $500 in service credits for customers that bring their new iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c to WIND and join on our WIND 40 plan by Monday September 23rd, 2013.”

“To ensure continued receipt of the Bring Your Own iPhone (BYO iPhone) service credits the customer must remain on the WIND 40 plan and continue to use a Nano-SIM Card for the duration of the 20 months”

New activations will be required to sign up to a $40 per month plan plus buy a WIND nano SIM card. The credits are data, voicemail and long distance add-ons. The promotional plan according to the internal doc will go live on Thursday.

Will the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c work on WIND Mobile’s AWS network, or any other similar network? The answer is yes, as both devices list the 1700MHz/2100MHz bands under their specifications. Many of you been asking us if these phones will work–and the answer is yes, but real life confirmation will come when these devices launch on September 20 and users start flooding the internet with screenshots (email us with your iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c screenshots on WIND, Mobilicity, Videotron, Eastlink).

Do also note existing iPhone 5 units sold by Apple after mid-April (along with warranty swaps) were units with 1700/2100MHz bands, part of the shift after T-Mobile gained AWS iPhone 5 units in March. Many users are already using their iPhone 5 units on WIND Mobile and Mobilicity.

Now, the question remains: are you willing to forego LTE download speeds on your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in an effort to save on your monthly plan by going over to WIND Mobile? That’s a choice you’ll have to make.