Consumer Reports Thinks iPhone 5S / 5C Are No Match For Motorola Droids

Consumer Reports has recently reviewed Apple’s new iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C smartphones and has given them high scores in their ratings. But at the same time, the influential magazine believes that the 4″ Retina display and shorter battery life are “no match” for Motorola’s latest Droid smartphones.

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The publication found Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S to be quite impressive, calling it “surprisingly reliable”. It also acknowledged that the iPhone 5S camera is better than ever, praising its digital image stabiliser. Regarding the iPhone 5C, the review says it is a “compelling offering for budget-minded buyers.” But in the end however, Consumer Reports still thinks that Motorola’s latest Droid handsets are a better buy than either of the two Apple smartphones.

Yet, battery life was still notably shorter than on other phones in our tests, including three of the latest Droids from Motorola, which ran for as long as 24 hours. Also, their small screens, while sharp and bright, can’t beat the larger, sharper displays that adorn flagship models from Samsung, LG, and HTC.

Regarding the display size, Apple has already been reported to be developing iPhones with larger displays measuring between 4.8 and 6 inches diagonally, with reports coming in from reputed sources like WSJ and Reuters.