Fido, Virgin Mobile: $65 Canada-Wide Plan Gets Double Data, Now 2GB [u]

Fido has launched a promo to double the data on its $65 per month unlimited Canada-wide plan to 2GB, a change made on the weekend. Their website notes it’s a “limited time offer” which we suspect should last throughout the holiday season.

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Similarly, Virgin Mobile has launched the exact same promo with 2GB of data:

Screenshot 2013 11 05 13 46 53

Earlier today, Koodo launched a similar promo, but priced at $60 per month, $5 cheaper than Fido and Virgin.

In a nutshell, if you are subscribed to these plans, make sure you call in to get your bonus data!

Update: Fido also has a $60 Standard Plan with 2GB of data as well which makes it the same price as Koodo. Go to Standard Plans, then scroll all the way to the right. (Thanks Whiskey!)