Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 5S in the USA, Joins iPhone 5c

Yesterday Apple launched unlocked iPhone 5s sales in the USA and this morning the company has added unlocked iPhone 5c sales to the online arsenal as well. Update: the unlocked iPhone 5c has been available since its launch. (Just got my coffee now, thanks)

The unlocked iPhone 5c model is the GSM version A1532 and will work on AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA:

The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone but without a wireless contract commitment. You can activate and use the unlocked iPhone on the supported GSM wireless network of your choice, such as AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States. The unlocked iPhone will not work with CDMA-based carriers, including Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Unlocked iPhone 5c models are shipping from within 24 hours:

Screenshot 2013 11 23 08 38 43

Meanwhile, yesterday’s launch of the unlocked iPhone 5s has ‘available to ship’ estimates of 1-2 weeks:

Screenshot 2013 11 23 08 40 07

If you’re venturing down to the USA during the holidays, you can save by buying your unlocked iPhone from an Apple retail store. The iPhone 5c is cheaper by $50-$70 unlocked while the unlocked iPhone 5s is $70 cheaper as well.

Canada this year again had unlocked availability of the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, with the latter selling out of its gold model in under 10 minutes during its midnight launch, which Apple described as due to “incredible” demand.