RHA MA750i: Premium Quality, In-Ear Headphones at a Reasonable Price [Review]

MA750i Upright3

RHA’s MA750i is their new top of the line noise isolating, in-ear headphones with remote and microphone. RHA announced these headphones back in September and were released on November 19 for $129.

The design of the MA750i headphones is impeccable, constructed out of individually machined 303F grade stainless steel components which gives them a premium feel. The headphones are made with steel reinforced, oxygen-free cable with gold plated connection. The cable is contoured to nicely fit and stay behind the ear.

The MA750i comes with 10 sets of dual-density, silicone, and memory foam ear tips (Two S, Two M, Two L, One S2, One M2, Two M3). They also come with a premium carrying case to carry your headphones and ear tips.

In one sentence, the MA750i in-ear headphones are everything headphones should be, and more.


RHA sent us a pair of MA750i to check out and review and I have been using the MA750i as my daily go to headset for the past week. The sound quality of the MA750i is outstanding, from the low bass to mid and high range frequencies the MA750i is outstanding. In contrast, other companies sell headphones with over boosted, boomy, muddled bass that offers less than acceptable sound quality. Even at unsafe volume levels, the sound never gets distorted. They feature handmade 560.1 drivers for precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage.

The MA750i’s 10 sets of ear tips makes it really easy to find the size that is right for you. The case included with the headphones is big enough such that you will be able to fit the headphones and the ear tips in it allowing for easy portability, especially when travelling.

MA750i-full accessories

The MA750i headphones are the most comfortable set of in-ear headphones I have ever used. The contoured cable that goes in behind your ears along with the great selection of ear tips gives even more support and allows a more sturdy fit. You can use these headphones while running and never worry about them falling out.

MA750i upright

Headphones have always had the problem of the cables tangling, and getting them untangled is always a pain. The MA750i solves this issue with a well constructed, premium designed cable that has proven to resist tangling in my day-to-day use.

RHA also has a pair of MA750 the only difference between the two being the version that ends with the ‘i’ was made for iPhone and iPad, which in the long run makes no difference seeing as the headphones work great even with other devices. The three button remote and microphone works perfectly with Apple devices allowing you to control the volume, answer phone calls, and activate Siri. The built-in microphone’s quality is great allowing for clear phone calls or even when you are simply using Siri.

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It was very hard to find anything wrong with the MA750i. If I have any gripe with the device it is that the headphone cable is very long. This is a very small problem and a personal preference but I have to say that having a longer cable comes in handy in certain situations where you may need the longer cable to reach to your computer or your device that you may have in your bag.

Overall, the MA750i offers great sound and performance with the look and feel of a premium device at a reasonable price. Currently, in Canada, the headphones are only available from Apple online and retail stores and they are priced at $129.

Links to the RHA product page and the Apple Store are provided below.

[RHA, Apple Store]