Incipio Stashback Credit Card Case: Leave Your Wallet At Home [Review]

Stashback Wallet

I’m someone who rarely carries cash with me anymore. Because of this I really don’t like having to carry around a wallet and my iPhone. So I’ve started using the Incipio Stashback credit card case. It’s allowed me the freedom of leaving my wallet at home. Here’s my video review of the Incipio Stashback.

YouTube video

So as I mentioned in my review, the Incipio Stashback isn’t a new case. It’s been out for a while now, but I wanted to let you know about it because I’m enjoying it so much. If you didn’t have time to watch my review I’ll go over some of the highlights of this case.

The first thing you’ll notice is the case has a slight bulge along the back. It does add a little bulk to your phone, but it’s something I haven’t had an issue with. The bulge on the back is actually where you store your credit cards or other cards of the same size. The bottom of the case flips open, and then you can slide the cards in the back.

Depending on the thickness of the cards you’re putting in, you can get between three and four inside. Myself I carry my drivers licence, my credit card, and my debit card. That’s all I ever need. You may be asking, what about loyalty cards like a Best Buy Rewards Zone card? Well for those types of cards, there are a few apps out there that will store your numbers. Most stores can scan them, if not they can usually punch in the number if you have it.

The case itself is a solid plastic material with a nice rubberized inside. This helps to not only prevent you from scratching your phone when you slide it in and out, but it helps with shock absorption if you drop your phone. The back of the phone is glossy, and if you watch my video you’ll see it scratches really easily. Speaking of scratching, Incipio provides you with a back film for your iPhone. This is nice because you could scratch up the back of your iPhone when sliding the cards in and out.

Because the bottom flips open you should also be able to use a dock with the Stashback on your iPhone.

Overall this is a solid case. I’m starting to see a lot more companies coming out with wallet type cases, because like myself, people are getting tired of carrying wallets and phones around. It’s nice to only have to worry about taking one thing. Let me know if you’re using a Stashback, or any other type of wallet case. I’d love to know what you think about them.

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