Sam Sung No Longer Works for Apple

An Apple Store Specialist named “Sam Sung”, who worked at the store in Vancouver, is no longer working for Apple and has joined a corporate recruiting firm, according to CNBC (via MacTrast). Last year, Mr. Sung became a bit of an Internet sensation when a visitor to a Canadian Apple Store noticed the name of the specialist assisting a family member.

Sam sung

Sung was known to be a very friendly person. He had revealed to the source that he was aware of the Internet interest but couldn’t say much because of Apple’s strict media policy. The source claims to have recently called up the Pacific Centre Apple Store to confirm that Sam Sung was indeed no longer associated with Apple.

Check out the interesting telephonic conversation below:

“Hi, I’d like to speak to Sam.”

“Sam who?”

“Sam Sung.”

“Oh. Sam Sung no longer works at Apple.”

“Where did Sam Sung go?”

“He decided to move on. He may have wanted to do something else.”

When Sam was reached for comment, he said he’d prefer not to comment out of respect for both his former and current employers.