Google’s “Chromoting” is An Upcoming Remote Desktop App for iOS

A Chromium issue tracker entry has confirmed that Google’s forthcoming “Chromoting” app is a remote desktop management application for iOS and Android. The app, which lets users control their computers from other computers, is currently under development and reportedly needs “general Visual Design help to make it more consistent” with Google’s look and feel.


According to the entry, the iOS version is “very unpolished at this stage”, therefore it will likely ship after the Android version given they are at different stages of implementation. While details regarding the app’s features are limited, it is believed that it’ll allow users to access and interact with computers while on the move, from an iPhone or iPad, and Google’s Chrome will be used to establish the connection. 

“The iOS version is very unpolished at this stage. The toolbar icons are all placeholder, and the background color behind the host screen needs to be changed from blue to black. The upper toolbar for iOS (containing just the back button, so it can barely be called a toolbar), is revealed by tapping on the compass in the lower toolbar. Our plan is to consolidate the upper and lower toolbars into one toolbar that will likely be located in the upper section of the screen.

The Android client uses native icons which are built into the OS, and we only package the Chromoting icon and one additional icon to represent the host which Lambros can share if necessary.”

Let’s hope Google’s free remote desktop management solution is as good as some of the more powerful remote desktop apps currently available in the App Store for merely a few bucks.