Toronto Resident Creates Free ‘1 Happy Thought’ App to Make You Stay Positive

Our inbox is flooded with a tonne of emails daily by developers seeking publicity for their apps. When we received an email about the app 1 Happy Thought, we knew it would a great way to help spread some positivity to our readers.

When Toronto resident Bruce Rebello was in this third year of studies towards his engineering degree, he wanted a way to help stay motivated through his stressful year of school and the worries that would ensue post-university, such as being able to find a job, maintaining relationships, student debt, future goals and more.

Rebello tells us he wanted a way to block out the negative and pessimistic “noise on the internet” to create a place where he could share his positivity to the world and receive some as well. This was the inspiration for his free motivational app 1 Happy Thought, based on his original website aimed at staying positive.

1happythought2 1happythought

The app is updated daily with inspirational quotes to lead you to a happier life and to just keep motivated. The app has a simple design and is quick and easy to use. There’s not much to it other than a resource to keep you ‘happy’ in a world today where narcissism is rampant on social networks, such as (the) Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to download 1 Happy Thought—it’s free. Let us know what you think of it!