Behind The Scenes: Saving the 1984 Steve Jobs Mac Demo Video

Last weekend, Harry McCracken from TIME posted an exclusive never-before-seen video of Steve Jobs demoing the 1984 Macintosh at a Boston Computer Society event, on January 30, 1984.

The video of Jobs demoing the Mac in 1984, which was on a now-obsolete tape format called U-matic, was saved by Glenn Koenig, the BCS’s videographer. Glenn has share a few pictures of the setup he used to extract the video from its fragile tape and into a format everyone can enjoy.

In the picture below, Glenn shows off the U-matic tape, which Sony began developing in the late 1960s for consumers, though it turned out it was more popular in education and corporate use.


Glenn used an industrial-strength U-matic VCR for the video transfer, which he purchased on eBay for $249 and spent another $180 to get it serviced. The Mac Pro, which you can see in the photo below the VCR, was used to digitize the video coming off the U-matic tape. An iMac was then used to edit the video.

Umatic_VCR iMac_uMactic

Thanks to Glenn we can now enjoy the original video of Jobs demoing the Macintosh in 1984 to the Boston Computer Society.

[via TIME Tech]