Rogers Next Announced, Allows $0 Upgrades for Customers

Rogers has announced a new upgrade program called Rogers Next coming soon, which allows customers to make a smartphone upgrade after 12 months for $0 after paying a yearly subscription fee.

Here’s how it’ll work…

  • New or existing customers upgrading have a choice of paying Rogers Next for $24.99/month or $29.99/month (includes Rogers Device Protection Premium, normally $11.99/month)
  • After 12 months, they trade in their current device in good working condition or a new smartphone up to $250 in subsidized value for $0 and their remaining FLEXtab balance and connection fees are waived. If a device is over $250 in value customers just pay the difference.
  • Customers at the 12 month mark can choose to continue Rogers Next for the following year.
So essentially you’re paying $299.88 annually to be able to get a new upgrade every year for $0 and have your subsidized device balance waived. Below is an example shown by Rogers:
Table revised

The plan is similar to what is being offered by the TELUS T-UP! program.

Is the Rogers Next plan worth it?

That’ll be for you to decide. You’re paying essentially $300 per year to be able to upgrade to a device of your choice on contract.

Unlocked iPhone users will pay $719 for a 16GB model. After one year, the depreciation for this device on used classifieds usually is around $100-175 (roughly) depending on device condition.

So if you were to sell your unlocked iPhone you’d only be losing $100-175 every year (plus your device is unlocked, saving you an additional $50), which is cheaper than the $300 annual subscription with Rogers Next.

However, with the latter you don’t have to put up with the hassle of selling your device online (i.e. dealing with Craigslist lowballers and meeting up in dark wet alleys at night).

Anyone thinking of signing up with Rogers Next?