Apple Will Enable Greater Third-Party Integration for Siri, Says Report

Siri ios 7

Web technology news site The Information reports that Apple is busy widening Siri’s search abilities, providing more third-party app integration with iWatch in mind (via TechCrunch).

Currently, Siri’s actions are pretty limited: while it can launch an app, send a message, do a Web search, place a call, or send a message to a recipient (among others), it can’t make a hotel reservation, the report highlights.

Apple’s Siri improvements in development also include tech that would allow it to intelligently select what to display on a device with constrained screen space, so that a running app might be brought to the fore when a user starts jogging, for instance. It sounds like on the whole, Apple is looking to put more intelligence behind Siri’s virtual smarts, to make it more of an actual assistant and less of an interesting add-on feature that primarily takes a back seat to other methods of user interaction.

The good news is that Apple’s engineers are working on that, and it seems like this is the next update we are going to see from Siri: Apple is said to be enabling third-party integrations that don’t require a one-to-one business arrangement between the iPhone maker and the other party.

While there is no word about when this improved Siri would come out, third-party integration is something we can start hoping for with iOS 8 (or later).