Office for iOS Delays Causing Microsoft to Lose Billions

Microsoft has the full version of Office for iOS ready for release, sources speaking with Reuters reveal. Now, when will the company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, give the green light to release the software? It is only a matter of time.

The fact is, the company has 2.5 billion reasons to release Office for iOS: This is the amount in revenue Microsoft loses on an annual basis by keeping Office off the iPad, as Apple has sold almost 200 million units of its tablet, an analyst estimates.


According to research firm Ovum, more than half of all employees use a personal smartphone or tablet for work at some point. Since the iPad, the most popular tablet, lacks Office, users are turning to cheaper, simpler, and touch-friendly software solutions, just like Artivest Holdings, a New York-based company, did — an example mentioned by Reuters.

Instead of spending money on Office for Windows or Mac, the startup started using Quip. But this is just one option of the many available.

John Case, the top Office marketing executive, however, was eager to mention that the company has “exciting plans” but forgot to give a clue as to when those plans will materialize.

“We have some pretty exciting plans,” said John Case, the top Office marketing executive, without giving any details. “Certainly, interest in Office on the iPad is extreme. When they (customers) want to do real work, they are going to want to use Office.”

It is worth mentioning, though, that recent rumours point to Microsoft’s move toward Mac and iOS: OneNote should arrive by the end of this month, Office for Mac by the end of the year. But more importantly for those awaiting Office for iPad, the software should be available soon, if we can believe the rumour mill.