Apple’s iOS Takes 37% of Mobile Subscribers in Canada, Android at 44%: comScore

ComScore has released their 2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus report and it reveals Canadian smartphone adoption jumped to 75% in 2013.

Let’s take a look at some numbers from the mobile section of the report:

  • Mobile subscribers increased to 23,233,000 in December 2013, a jump of 5% compared to a year ago
  • Smartphones are now used by 3 out of 4 Canadians, a jump of 13 compared to a year ago
  • Smartphone owners most likely to be between the ages of 18-54 and have a higher household income (kind of obvious); Ontario has the highest number of smartphone users, followed by Quebec and the Prairies, then BC
  • 4G data network connectivity jumped 274% compared to a year ago; 3G network connectivity jumped 29% year over year
  • Smartphone screen sizes 4-inches and larger are growing yearly
For us Apple followers, iOS platform penetration increased by 2% to 37%, but this was dwarfed by Android which has 44% (4% grown). Of course, the argument for why? Android phones are cheaper and more plentiful.
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When it comes to owning tablets, smartphone users choose the iPad:
Screenshot 2014 04 02 11 36 28
Part of the comScore report users their MobiLens methodology, which they say as of 2012 consisted of 5,500 mobile phone owners in Canada responding to their surveys.

The report concludes Canadians are some of the heaviest users of digital media, but more importantly we have the highest rates of smartphone adoption, higher than the U.S. and other developed markets.

Let’s see if their iPad stat holds true: what’s your tablet of choice right now?