ZAGGkeys Folio Bluetooth Keyboard [Review]


I love using my iPad Air. It’s thin, light and  joy for almost every task. But there are times when I need to type something out – like my video scripts – and I want to use a keyboard. So I was very excited to try the ZAGGkeys Folio. Here’s my video review of this awesome Bluetooth keyboard.

YouTube video

Out of the box you’ll notice this keyboard is nice and thin. The keyboard portion is only 6.9mm. Despite being so thin, it still feels really solid. That’s because it does have some weight to it. If you’re used to the super light iPad Air without a case, the added weight could come as a shock. The Folio also isn’t completely smooth. It has a leather like texture and feels nice in the hands.

The ZAGGkeys Folio has several openings around it. On the one side you have your micro USB port for charging the case, an on/off switch and a Bluetooth pairing button. On the bottom you have a cutout for your lightning connector. It’s perfect for the Apple lightning cable but can be hit or miss with others. You also have access to your volume buttons and the mute/orientation switch. On the top is an opening for headphones, and again can be hit or miss with some headphones.

The iPad Air snaps nicely into the once side of the case. You’ll have to use a little force to get it in, and that can be worrisome because the side that holds the iPad Air feels a little flimsy. Similar to the Apple Smart Cover, when you flip open the case, your iPad will automatically turn on. The ZAGGkeys Folio has a 135 degree adjustable viewing angle so it works in almost any situation you may need it.

Taking a look at the keyboard, you have all your standard keys that are very responsive. They feel and act very much like an Apple keyboard. Along with your standard keys you have a lot unique ones designed specifically for your iPad. They are all laid out nicely along the top row. You have a home button which acts just like your iOS home button. So by double tapping it you can also bring up your multitasking. You have a lock button to put your iPad Air into sleep mode or wake it up. There’s a Siri button, undo, redo, show and hide the keyboard on screen, copy, paste and volume controls.

Along the bottom you also have a battery life indicator. Depending what colour it shows, it’ll give you an idea of how much battery life you have left. Speaking of of battery life, the ZAGGkeys Folio is a beast. Depending on how much you use it, it can last up to three months or longer. I’ve only charged mine a couple of times.

But my favourite feature, and one that will also have an impact on battery life is the backlit keys. They are great especially when working in a dimly lit or dark space. There are three brightness settings and you can even change the colours. This is my favourite part. There are a lot of colours to choose from.

Overall I really like the ZAGGkeys Folio. One concern I do have is it doesn’t work well as an every day case. It’s very uncomfortable to hold and try to use the touch screen comfortably. So you’re having to put the iPad Air in and take it out often. As I mentioned earlier, the case portion that holds the iPad Air is thin and feels a little flimsy. But again, when you’re going for thin, there has to be some trade offs.

My concerns aren’t enough to not recommend this. This is a great bluetooth keyboard case and well worth the price tag. If it’s not the best bluetooth keyboard on the market, it’s definitely right up there. Let me know what your favourite Bluetooth case is. Check it out here from ZAGG.

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