Apple Makes Closing Arguments Against Samsung In Patent Trial


Today Apple made its closing arguments in the patent infringement case against Samsung, where the company argued that the case is not about Google, however, Samsung is the one that copied Apple out of desperation.

During the company’s closing arguments, Harold McElhinny, one of Apple’s attorneys, said:

“Unlike in fairy tales, we know that Samsung’s illegal strategy has been wildly successful.”

He said the mobile market has become a two-sided race between Apple and Samsung, where the Korean smartphone manufacturer has sold 37 million infringing devices. McElhinny continued his closing argument by reminding the jury that Apple was the company that created the “revolutionary” iPhone in 2007 and later created the iPad in 2010.

“These products were created by true geniuses like Steve Jobs and the Apple inventors who testified here. They were, and are, real people who through genius and hard work have made real contributions to the way people…share information with each other.”

McElhinny also reiterated that the lawsuit at hand does not involve Google directly, he said:

“So much for the concept of a ‘holy war.’ … at the end of the day, Google should not be an issue. Samsung makes, issues, and sells. There is no claim Google makes any of these features. No expert came here and said they relied on it.”

Apple’s attorney closed by saying that starting this lawsuit was the company’s last option, but because Apple cannot simply walk away from its inventions, they brought the issue to court.

After Apple took two hours to give its closing arguments Samsung was given the same amount of time to make theirs. In the Korean company’s closing arguments they rejected all of McElhinny’s claims, which is exactly what you would have expected to happen. Samsung attorney Bill Price said:

“It’s true that if you don’t practice a patent, that doesn’t mean you can’t collect damages for it. But you can’t copy something from the iPhone if it’s not in the iPhone.”

As both company’s closing arguments come to an end, it is now up to the jury to deliberate and figure out which company had a better argument. Only time will tell if Apple or Samsung will win this patent trial.

As a result of the trial which has taken place over the past month, Apple has brought out a number of the company’s executives to talk about how the original iPhone and iPad were created.

[via The Verge]

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