Apple’s U.S. Smartphone Marketshare Hovers at 41%: comScore

Apple remained the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the US, but it has lost a slight market share as the smartphone adoption rate increased between January and March 2014, the latest report from market research firm comScore reveals.

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As of March, Apple’s market share stands at 41.4% in the US, down from the 41.8% recorded in December 2013, which means a 0.4% drop. This, however, didn’t stop Apple from remaining the top smartphone manufacturer in the country. Apple was followed by its most fierce rival, Samsung, with 27% of market share, up 0.9%. In the third position, there is LG with 6.7% of market share, up 0.1% compared to December 2013.

When broken down by mobile operating systems, Android continues to lead the list of most popular platforms with 52.2%, up 0.7% from December’s 51.5% of market share. BlackBerry, on the other hand, continues to lose market share: Its presence in the US dropped to 2.7%, down 0.7%, while Microsoft is slowly growing, currently standing at 3.3%, according to comScore’s March 2014 data.

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Smartphone adoption hit 68.8% in the US, the market research company has found, which means that approximately 166 million people in the country own a smartphone, up 6% since December.