3M Canada Launches 3M Personal Safety Catalogue iPad App

3M Canada released their 3M Safety App in the App Store yesterday, an iPad app that is their entire Personal Safety catalogue, to allow users to customize and setup their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), from over 2,400 listed items in various categories such as Disposable and Reusable Respiratory Protection; Powered and Supplied Air Respiratory Protection; Hearing Conservation; Protective Clothing; Fall Protection; Hard Hats and Visors; Protective Eyewear; and Welding Protection.

Imagine having the entire 3M Personal Safety catalogue, and all the product information, organized and available on your iPad. Imagine being able to filter through all the options and find the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that’s just right.

This product selector tool simplifies PPE for you by narrowing down the options. Stop hunting for products online or calling for technical help; the 3M Safety App works for you, filtering, sorting and displaying appropriate products according to your specific needs.

The 3M Safety App takes a complex catalogue and simplifies the entire process, so that selecting and sharing the right 3M Safety products is simple. The 3M Safety App has PPE sorted.

3m canada safety app

3m safety app 2

Jason Grouette, Business Manager, Personal Safety Division, 3M Canada, said in a statement “Our customers will love how easy the 3M Safety App makes navigating the safety catalogue,” along with “The PPE market is complicated, and for many safety specialists choosing the right product can be confusing. Our customers are going to see how simple we’ve made this complex product category.”

The app was built by Canadian developers ResIM. Their goal was to help customers easily choose the proper 3M safety products in an easy manner. The simple design on the iPad looks to help facilitate that goal.

Click here to download 3M Safety App—it’s free.