NYT Publishes Interview with Apple Design Chief Jony Ive

On the weekend the New York Times profiled Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a piece that included an excerpt from an interview with the company’s Senior Vice President of design, Jony Ive.

Today, the NYT has posted a lengthier edited transcript of that Ive interview, which includes details on what we might see next from Apple, such as the use of new materials. Below is an excerpt of the transcript, where Ive reiterates the design process at Apple remains “vibrant and healthy”:

Q: What does innovation culture look like at Apple under Tim Cook? How has it changed, if at all?

A: …I’ve worked for the last 15 or 20 years on the most challenging, creative parts of what we do. I would love to talk about future stuff – they’re materials we haven’t worked in before. I’ve been working on this stuff for a few years now. Tim is fundamentally involved in pushing into these new areas and into these materials.

Over years you develop a process – we, a team, develop a process – that process is incredibly vibrant and healthy and continues to grow and evolve.

So Ive admits Apple is working on “materials we haven’t worked in before.” What could that be? Maybe sapphire glass for future iPhones and the rumoured iWatch? Apple has already used Liquidmetal in the creation of its SIM ejector tool, but we have yet to see it debut in an actual device.

Last month it was announced Ive is set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for his contributions to industrial design, to be awarded later this fall.

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