Shoot Better Looking Video With The StayblCam [Kickstarter]

Most of us at some point will shoot video with our iPhone or iOS device. But, if you’re holding it or moving around while shooting, you’re going to get shaky video. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to hold your iOS device still, part of the video will be shaky. StayblCam, a new Kickstarter project, claims it can help you get rid of the shakes and jitteriness, and give you smooth professional looking video.


There are ways to stabilize your video, such as using a tripod, or setting your device on something sturdy. But then you’re lacking the ability to move around. You can also try other stabilizers like the GlideGear SYL-1000 which we reviewed a while back. It performed really well, but in our testing it did have a few drawbacks. For one, using the bolts to achieve the perfect counterbalance can take time to set up. Also, its size didn’t make it the most portable option.

The StayblCam claims to eliminate any need to understand counterweight balancing. Just pop on your iPhone, GoPro or small camera and start shooting. It also slides together to make it very portable. Here’s the Kickstarter video showing the StayblCam in action and what it’s capable of.

YouTube video

As of today, the StayblCam has surpassed its funding goal of $35-thousand on Kickstarter. It’s currently up over $62-thousand with still 10 days to go. Creator, Eskil Nordhaug has added some stretch goals because of the success so far.


We’ve contacted Eskil, and he will be sending us a StayblCam to review, so stay tuned for that. But for now, you can get in on this cool looking product by pledging through Kickstarter at this link.

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