Alleged iPhone 6 SIM Card Trays Appear in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray

Letem svetem Applem has shared a set of images that allegedly show the components of the forthcoming iPhone, such as the power and volume flex cables and SIM card trays in three different colours (via MacRumors).

IPhone 6 parts

Although we have already seen a volume flex cable leak earlier this month, the new components shown in the picture aren’t a perfect match for those previously leaked, as they slightly differ in layout.

What is similar to the previous leak, though, is that the volume buttons can be found on the same flex cable as the mute button, and a possibly larger volume button is on another flex cable.

What’s more interesting in this leak are the SIM trays shown in the above image, which suggest the colour options that might be available when the device launches. As the image hints, Apple will maintain the space gray, gold, and silver options for the iPhone 6, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The iPhone 6 has now entered mass production, and the part leaks seem to confirm that. We can expect further component leaks in the near future.