Music Service Spotify Launches in Canada with Invite-Only Availability [u]

Music service Spotify has started to send out pre-launch invites to allow Canadians to try the music service before it officially launches. The Spotify website and today’s iTunes app update description notes users can join an invite queue to be able to start using the service.

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Reports of Spotify expanding to Canada dated as far back as 2012, but nothing has materialized until now. The launch looks to have made its way to Canada ahead of Apple’s own iTunes Radio service, which was rumoured to debut this spring.

In late April, Apple acquired Beats Music as part of a $3 billion deal, which offers the company its own streaming music service—but it’s only available in the U.S. at this moment.

You can sign up to join the Spotify invite queue here or by signing up via the Spotify iOS app. Anyone excited for this or do you already have an established streaming music service of choice (i.e. Rdio or Songza)?

Thanks @ynw93!

Update 3: The app appears in search, but when you try to download it says “no longer available.”