New Samsung Ads Mock Apple’s iPad Over Multitasking, Contrast Ratio [VIDEO]

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Samsung says iPads will make your baby cry.

After unleashing an ad targeting iPhone users as relentless ‘wall huggers’, Samsung is back at it again, this time debuting two new attack ads against the iPad.

The following videos were uploaded to Samsung’s YouTube channel today which slam Apple’s iPad for lacking multitasking and also for having lower contrast ratios in their displays when compared to the South Korean company’s new Galaxy Tab S lineup.

Check them out below:

iOS 8 also contains code for split-screen iPad multitasking, which was demonstrated on video last month—but there’s no word when this will be released publicly.

The Galaxy Tab S lineup—in 8.4” and 10.5” models—was released by Samsung last month, resembling larger versions of their Galaxy S5 smartphone, noted the Wall Street Journal.

Here are the number of tablets released by these companies in 2014:

  • Apple: 0
  • Samsung: 9

That’s right, Samsung has released nine tablets in 2014 alone, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. But I guess it’s all about choice for consumers, right?

Samsung’s recent Q2 profits missed estimates as operating income declined 24%, its third consecutive quarterly drop, citing increasing competition from Chinese companies and their lower priced smartphone offerings.

It’s clear Samsung wants to take jabs at Apple prior to this fall’s iPhone and iPad refresh, which clearly will have an effect on Galaxy Tab S and S5 sales. These ads are mildly amusing and make the company seem desperate to win over new customers—the same Apple users in their ads.