CIRP: Apple’s iPhone 5s, iPad Air Continue to Lead Company Sales in the U.S.

Apple’s flagship devices outperformed other models during the past quarter, says Consumer Intelligence Research Partners after looking back at the three months of sales for which Apple will put in the numbers tomorrow.

According to CIRP’s data, the iPhone 5s accounted for 62% of all iPhone sales in the US. This compares to the 52% of iPhone 5 sales recorded during the same period a year prior. While the iPhone 4s accounted for nearly 30% of all sales last year, for this April-June quarter its percentage dropped to about 15%, as the CIRP chart reveals.

IPhone models

“Once again, Apple’s premium iPhone 5S sold well in the quarter,” said Josh Lowitz, CIRP Partner and Co-Founder. “It appears that in the US, Apple sells the 5S model at the expense of the iPhone 5C, which continues to sell much slower than the similarly- priced iPhone 4S in the same quarter last year. The entry-level ‘free’ or subsidized price point maintains its 16-18% of iPhone sales.”

As for tablet sales, the iPad Air remained the most popular choice for Apple customers in the US, capturing about 52% of all sales, the CIRP survey highlights. The iPad mini with Retina display in tandem with the first-generation iPad mini accounted for about a third of all Apple tablet sales, while the re-introduced iPad 4 captured less than 10%.

IPad models

The CIRP study was conducted between June 28 and July 13 and involved 500 US Apple customers who purchased an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.