Bell Customers in Manitoba to Get Free Roaming within the Province

Bell has made changes to now allow its customers to roam within Manitoba at no extra charge on the Rogers network, a move seen to pre-empt possible CRTC regulations on domestic roaming, reports MobileSyrup:

…Bell has reached an agreement with Rogers to allow occasional and fair use access to areas outside its own network for calls, texts, MMS and internet use. Long distance service will be possible, but only if the customer already has a bundle for it in their local service area.

Long distance charges and rules apply for roaming, which means when you accept an incoming call outside of your home area, you’ll be charged, along with outgoing calls to non-local numbers.

The internal doc also states Bell customers will only get the Rogers 2G EDGE network in these domestic roaming situations, as it explains customers will “notice slower data speeds,” and streaming video and Push to Talk services won’t be enabled.

Customers will receive text message notifications when they enter into roaming zones. If Bell notices the majority of service used is within roaming areas, a warning text will be sent and later a blockage of service, to limit roaming.

Essentially this move allows Bell customers to have limited extended coverage outside primary areas of coverage in Manitoba, where regional carrier MTS provides services to rival the ‘Big 3’.