‘iPhone 6’ in 24k Gold, 950 Platinum Available for Pre-Order Starting at $4,500 USD

Want to pre-order an iPhone 6 in real gold? You can do so from Brikk, which back on July 18 started to offer information and marketing materials for its Lux iPhone 6 pre-launch.

The first Lux iPhone 6 will be the rumoured 4.7-inch model, which can be pre-ordered to come in 24k gold or 950 platinum.

Screenshot 2014 07 28 11 41 46

The company explains the process which will have ‘utilized skilled engineers’ take apart each phone, only to then polish and apply five layers of various metals, which are then coated with two layers of 24k gold or 950 platinum on the aluminum case. Engineers will then reassemble the device and complete a ’38 point testing process’.

Brikk claims their 2.0 micron coating of pure gold or platinum is ‘amongst the thickest and most generous in the industry’ and come with a one year warranty. They also claim ‘sources’ tell them iPhone 6 will come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, come with A8 and sapphire glass (we haven’t heard that before! /s).

Below are images which show options for white, pink or yellow gold, plus the option to add some ice for the Apple logo.


Screenshot 2014 07 28 11 42 00

Screenshot 2014 07 28 11 42 27

Screenshot 2014 07 28 11 42 35

Brikk says a $500 deposit is required for pre-orders, which start $4,495 USD going all the way up to $8,600 USD:

Screenshot 2014 07 28 11 42 54

I have no idea who would want to order one of these, unless your name is Lil Wayne. #youngmoney

Thanks Brad!

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