iWatch Mass Production Allegedly Delayed for Q4 2014

Iwatch c concept1

Citing revised TPK guidance for the third calendar quarter of 2014, the iWatch will enter mass production in the fourth quarter, the Chinese United Daily News speculates (via GforGames). If the quarterly earnings of the company’s part of the Apple supply chain serve as any indication, this could easily corroborate earlier reports of a Q4 release of the rumoured iWatch.

What UDN claims is that TPK’s guidance for Q3 2014 was updated, with lower profits for the quarter ending in September. The rise in profits is expected for the subsequent three months. Therefore, considering that TPK is a long-term Apple supplier and said to have secured orders for the iWatch touch modules, this could serve as a tip-off for a Q4 launch for the rumoured Apple smartwatch.

What grapevine has divulged about the smartwatch that links it to TPK is the following: TPK subsidiary TPK Films have been selected to produce silver nanowire touch panels, a material known for higher conductivity and outstanding flexibility.

If the rumour is true it only corroborates earlier reports of a Q4 launch — which doesn’t exclude a very unlikely December launch. Let’s not forget though, that Apple is making preparations for a busy fall, launching the best products in 25 years.