LastPass Announces Touch ID Integration for Upcoming iOS 8 App

IOS8 Reveal

If your password manager is LastPass, the company has announced their upcoming iOS 8 update will include Touch ID integration and also the use of the Safari extension for easier web logins:

Now with the impending release of the platform, we’re thrilled to announce the LastPass app will be available for iOS 8 with Touch ID integration and a Safari extension for automated web logins. This marks a tremendous shift in our ability to bring a seamless login experience to LastPass users on iOS.

Touch ID will allow LastPass users to unlock their vaults, plus authorize the app to fill logins with Safari. The developer says the update should be available “within the next few weeks,” and will soon demo these new features. LastPass has a premium service which costs $12 per year.

Great to see another password manager jump onboard with Touch ID for authentication, similar to what 1Password announced earlier.

Thanks Jamie!