How To: Play Super Nintendo Games on iPhone / iPad in iOS 8 [No Jailbreak]

Craving Super Nintendo games like Super Mario Kart, Super Punch-Out and more on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 8 without a jailbreak? Well today just might be your lucky day as iDeviceHype has shared a new, quickly and easily method to the “SiOS Super Nintendo emulator” on any iOS 8 device without requiring any modification or jailbreak.


Simply follow the steps below to enjoy Super Nintendo games on your iPhone / iPad (via AppAdvice):

Step 1:

Open Safari on your iPhone / iPad and open the following link:

Step 2:

Tap the Apps tab, swipe down to SiOS and then select Install.

Step 3:

Now Go to Settings > General > Date and Time. Make sure that the Set Automatically button is switched “off”.

Step 4:

You’ll now then need to manually set the date back two months (or two years as Firas mentions in the comments). Once SiOS is finished installing, open it on your device and then tap Trust when asked.

Step 5:

Find a ROM to download. Save it into SiOS and start playing.

*You can now change back to normal

That’s it, enjoy!

Disclaimer: install this at your own risk–we are not responsible for any issues you may experience with this emulator.

Below is a video tutorial to make things easier for you to install SiOS Super Nintendo emulator:

YouTube video