Amazon Launches Chromecast Rival ‘Fire TV Stick’ for $19 Pre-Order in the US

Canadians with US-mailing addresses, make note Amazon has launched the Fire TV Stick, what it notes as a direct rival to Google’s Chromecast streaming media dongle, but comes with an Apple TV-looking remote and is more powerful.

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The Fire TV Stick will cost $39 at launch, but right now Amazon Prime members can pre-order the device for only $19 for two days only. The device connects to your TV via HDMI and will let users watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and more. It comes with 1GB of member and 8GB of flash storage plus MIMO Wi-Fi networking.

These streaming media sticks like the $39 Chromecast look like a bargain compared to the Apple TV, which remains at $109 CAD (or $85 for a refurb). However, Apple TV allows users to seamless stream media via AirPlay built into iOS and OS X, whereas the others take some work to setup.

No surprise the Fire TV Stick isn’t available in Canada yet, but we expect it to arrive sometime in the future, along with the Amazon Fire TV.

For the price, these streaming media sticks can enable you to watch media on your secondary TVs for cheap. Click here to check out the Fire TV Stick.