Teens Turn to AirDrop Instead of Snapchat and Instagram to Share Photos in Class


Sharing photos is a popular pastime for teens, and there’s no shortage of services for them to use. Snapchat and Instagram remain the two most popular options, however, there’s another way to share photos that is gaining some momentum.

Apple’s AirDrop is becoming a popular photo sharing choice for teens with iPhones. AirDrop, which is built into iOS, enables iPhone users to exchange files with each other without relying on any third-party service.

Business Insider’s Maya Kosoff found that her teenage relatives are beginning to use AirDrop because of its simplicity and ease of use. The advantage over services like Snapchat or Instagram is that you don’t have to have usernames or set up specific accounts to use it.

“These teens are now using AirDrop, a feature built into their iPhones, to send pictures to each other during class. When I asked why they didn’t just use Snapchat instead, since it’s essentially the same thing, I was informed that they’re actually very different.

AirDrop is superior, my cousin declared, because unlike with Snapchat, you don’t need anyone’s username to send something to them. She also said that this is what makes AirDrop better than texting: you don’t need anybody’s phone number. As long as you have AirDrop enabled on your phone, anyone nearby can send you a file. Plus, she told me some schools have blocked Snapchat, so AirDrop is essentially a workaround. And unlike Snapchat, where you’re limited to pictures and video taken in the app, with AirDrop you can send anything you already have on your phone.”

The downside to a service like AirDrop is that it’s restricted to iOS and Mac users. Also, in order for AirDrop to work both users must be in close proximity of each other. For users in environments where the majority of people use iOS devices, AirDrop makes for a great alternative to third-party options, like Snapchat or Instagram.