Buyers See Shortage of iPod Shuffle at Apple Stores and Online

According to 9to5Mac, a mysterious shortage in supplies of the iPod Shuffle is being reported across Apple’s retail outlets and online stores by multiple sources. It is being said that Apple employees have been officially informed about the shortage as well and they have been instructed to direct customers at retail stores looking to buy a Shuffle to Apple’s online stores. Furthermore, even Apple’s online store in Canada doesn’t seem to have the product ready in stock and is shipping the iPod shuffle in “7-10 business days”.


The current generation iPod shuffle was introduced in 2010, but it has seen a couple of color refreshes over the past couple of years. It is therefore unclear what this shortage means but it is being speculated that it represents a “temporary lack of components” and that Shuffle production will pick up full speed in the near future.

In comparison, the two remaining iPod lines i.e the iPod touch and the iPod Nano, are both currently listed as available to ship in 24 hours at Apple’s online store in Canada.